Metallic Yarn

                            Metallic Yarn
                            It is used widely in various kinds of clothing material, for example: knitwear, cloth,
                            lace, shawl, stocking, sash, neck-tie, glove, etc.
                            Furthermore, it is specially made for the purpose of piece dyeing material.
                            Even if you made dye material in piece state after woven or knitted, metallic yarn will
                            remain unchanged in its colour.
                           You may dye Wool and Nylon with acid dyes.
                           In usually, Acid dyes (Bath Ratio: 1:100) : Glacial Acetio Acid 0.3g / l
                           Dyestuff 0.5g / 1.90C 40 minutes

                           *But, this data is based on our laboratory text and for your reference only.
                             Before your dyeing, please test data by yourselves.

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